Online printing application dedicated to students

Product Features

Feature One

(Screenshot source: configurator)
  • Select your producttype
  • Walk through our uniquely designed configuration process
  • Select options best suited to your product
  • Upload your document
  • See how it's going to look

We have designed a unique configurator where people can easily customize products to their own needs.

Feature Two

(Screenshot source: configurator)

Our online ordering process allows you to upload your document and process your order from the comfort of your own home.

To ensure the satisfaction of our customers and minimize production errors our process asks the customer to check his or her uploaded document for mistakes.

In our first year of running we realised we can only automate so much before intruding into customer wishes. That's why we created the perfect middleground. We validate file-format, paper-format, landscape / portrait and give the customer the option to change these if needed.

-Nicky Romeijn

Feature Three

(Example: Multiple configurations of the same product)

After configurating and uploading your product, we generate a preview based on your selections. This preview is then used in every step of the proces (e.g. your shoppingcard) to maximize user-friendliness.

Feature Four

(Screenshot source: Coral - App & website startup kit)

When we developed the first version of Netjesgeprint we had a single goal in mind. Give customers the freedom of defining their own product. We made exactly that. A product configurator fit for documents in a single format (A4).

However… after we got a positive response from students; businesses were starting to use our website for their documents. We got the feeling that the current version of Netjesgeprint wasn’t feasible for future scaleability and decided to develop version 3.0

Version 3.0 is built with scaleability in mind. We developed a 'configurator’ which is modular and can be fit to the needs of any product. Like flyers, poster and businesscards.

3 Simple Steps to order your products at Netjesgeprint


Visit Netjesgeprint and upload your document in PDF-format


Select your preferences in our unique configurator


Place your order and receive your product within 2 days.